Founded in the year 2018, 4th of March. One among the first team in Abuja to gain a stand without a sponsor in just a few months. We have been to many friendly matches, we gain 70%victory, 20% draw and 10%loss. What a pleaseant record. We hope to be at the top of every list both in Abuja, Nigeria and around the Globe. We register in our first ever competition in the year 2019 and we came out 3rd place. We hope to take the lead this year 2020 as we have register and about to participate in the 2020 EFAB competition, Apo, Abuja-Nigeria. And we have made up our mind, spirit and zeal to win our first ever cup in history. We will defeat any, defend whatever attacks, bring down the pillars of our opponents, and destroy the net with our goals.

Our dream is to be among the Nigerian Premier League. And our aim is to keep the dream alive. One Love WAZOBIA FC, keep growing non stop. God Almighty is with us.

By: Remmy REMC…. For Wazobia FC, keep the dream alive.

Published by Remmy Remc

Remmy Remc is a qualified/professional graphic Artist, with vast experience in operating Direct Imaging, Large Format and other Finishing and Packaging Machines. Remmy Remc is fueled by his passion of learning and for understanding the creativity of innovational concepts. He considers himself as a forever “student” eager to both build on his notional footing and stay tune with the latest digital network marketing. His drive for knowledge and determination to enhance the quality of self-relief significance by stating some amusing videos, lyrical discussion, chat and expression of comic views. His goal is to build smile, laughter, joy, happiness and create motivational spirit to move on with life…

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