Founded in the year 2018, 4th of March. One among the first team in Abuja to gain a stand without a sponsor in just a few months. We have been to many friendly matches, we gain 70%victory, 20% draw and 10%loss. What a pleaseant record. We hope to be at the top of every list both in Abuja, Nigeria and around the Globe. We register in our first ever competition in the year 2019 and we came out 3rd place. We hope to take the lead this year 2020 as we have register and about to participate in the 2020 EFAB competition, Apo, Abuja-Nigeria. And we have made up our mind, spirit and zeal to win our first ever cup in history. We will defeat any, defend whatever attacks, bring down the pillars of our opponents, and destroy the net with our goals.

Our dream is to be among the Nigerian Premier League. And our aim is to keep the dream alive. One Love WAZOBIA FC, keep growing non stop. God Almighty is with us.

By: Remmy REMC…. For Wazobia FC, keep the dream alive.

I cant fit Laugh alone…

A young girl about to go on a 1st date with her boyfriend Trouble Chaser, she has been tutored by her grandmother. “He will try to kiss you, allow him”
“He will try to cuddle you, allow him.”
“He will try to lay you down and get on top of you, don’t allow him”
The girl asked : grandmother, why?. Grandmother said : “because if you do that, you have allowed him to disgrace you and all your family”. Girl said : “okay” and she left on her date. Several hours later she returned and grandmother asked “how did it go?”. Girl : “exactly as you said except when he laid me down and tried to disgrace our family, I turned him over, got on top of him and disgraced his family”
Grandmother fainted.
One word for this girl?.

A Sotho man, a Zulu man and a Venda man were lost in a forest and then captured by cannibals. The king of the cannibals told the prisoners that they could live if they pass a trial. The first step was to go deep into the forest and get ten pieces of the same kind of fruits.
The three men went their separate ways to gather fruits.
The Zulu man came back and said to the king, “I brought 10 apples.” Then the king explained the trial to him, “You have to swallow the fruits without any expression on your face or you will be killed. The first apple went in, but on the second one, he winced out in pain, so he was killed.
The sotho man arrived and showed the king ten berries. When the king explained the trial to him, he thought to himself that this should be easy….1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and on the ninth berry, he burst out in laughter and was killed.
The Sotho man and Zulu man met in heaven and the Zulu man asked, “Why did you laugh? You almost got away with the trial.”
The Sotho man replied, “I couldn’t help it, when I saw the Venda man coming with Watermelons!” Hahahahahahahahaha

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WhatsApp to stop service on phones with older operating systems

By Titobioluwa Okunade– December 9, 20190

WhatsApp stops service to older phone operating systems  

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has disclosed that the company would restrict its services from running on operating systems lower than IOS 7, Andriod version 2.3.7 and all windows phones.

According to vanguard, WhatsApp, through its support page in a blog post, disclosed that millions of phones around the world would be affected, starting from December 31, 2019, as a variety of older handsets would lose access to the messaging app.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp had indicated that the iOS and Android blocks would not take effect until February 1, 2020. Other dates WhatsApp stopped working on older phone systems on June 30, 2017; Nokia Symbian, S60 December 31, 2017; BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry, 10 December 31, 2018.

What the block means: WhatsApp said that anyone using these older phones could no longer create new accounts or reverify existing accounts because WhatsApp would no longer actively develop for these operating systems as some features might stop functioning at any time.

However, WhatsApp regularly stops support for older devices, compelling users to keep up to date if they want to continue using the app.

As we look ahead to our next seven years, we want to focus our efforts on the mobile platforms the vast majority of people use, while these mobile devices have been an important part of our story, they don’t offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app’s features in the future.

“This was a tough decision for us to make, but the right one in order to give people better ways to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones using WhatsApp. If you use one of these affected mobile devices, we recommend upgrading to a newer Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone to continue using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is also focused on adding new features for current systems. It is reportedly currently working on a dark mode which should help reduce its battery usage a bit, but this is not available for general release.

The proposed new feature would allow users choose between the light and dark side of WhatsApp while checking a box marked ‘battery saver’, which automatically switches WhatsApp to dark mode when battery power is running low

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